Choose from our extensive selection of cold and hot food menus including our delicious bite size assorted delicacies and canape delights buffet:

- Prosciutto-Salmon wraps, 2 Cheese Vol au Vents, Cheese Dough Balls, Chicken Mini-pies, Baked Parcels...

- Vegetarian and Seafood Tartlets, Vegetarian and Meat Croquettes, Codfish Cakes, Mini Cup Soups...

Sample of our enticing Menus...

Ham and Spinach Terrine
Salmon Salad

Seared Breast of Chicken
on a bed of Mushroom Sauce
Vegetarian Roulade

Coconut Delight
Chocolate Tart

Palm Hearts Salad
Apricot Stilton Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Red Grapes
on a Chicory Boat

Roast Pork with White Wine gravy
Baked Norwegian Dried Cod with Olives and Potatoes
in a rich creamy sauce

Soft Meringue Souffle with Caramel Sauce
Pineapple Mousse

Spinach & Cheese Flan
Asparagus and Prawn Parcels

Chicken Coconut Stew
a coconut stew with finely cut chicken , thickened with
cashew nuts and flavoured with tomatos

Black Beans Pork Casserole
a stew of earthy beans with portions of pork meat and sausages

Chocolate Cream garnished with Strawberries
Alaska – Cake and Ice Cream topped with Meringue.